London Olympics / 2012 Summer Games Delivery Information

Due to the Olympic and Paralympic Games being held across the country this year there will, unfortunately, be delays with deliveries in certain areas which are beyond our control.  Please accept our sincere apologies and rest assured that our courier will do everything to get your parcel/s to you.  


"Can you tell me the areas and dates that are likely to be impacted?"

Yes. There are a number of Lockdown zones into which no general traffic will be allowed. Various areas will also be affected by congestion and delays. You will find a detailed matrix below that outlines the impacted postcodes and dates.

Click here to see areas where delays may occur.


"What is a Lockdown Venue?"

A Lockdown venue is a secure Olympic site where, for security reasons, normal access is strictly controlled. There are over 50 Lockdown venues in London and other Olympic locations. These include everything from the main Olympic stadium to hotels used by officials.


Lockdown Congestion and Security Surcharges

Congestion Surcharge

(Charges Applicable 25th July - 8th September)


  • Due to increased congestion a basic surcharge of £1.95 will be added to all deliveries to affected London postcodes throughout the games. A list of these postcodes can be found here. 


Security Surcharge

(Charges Applicable 25th July - 8th September)

  • Postcodes in Lockdown areas will be subject to an additional £25 non-refundable security surcharge.  Click here to view a list of the Lockdown postcodes affected by this security surcharge.
  • The London Olympic Committee has decided UPS are the only people allowed to deliver parcels in Lockdown areas, UPS charge our couriers £25 for the final mile; sadly we have no choice but to pass this on to you.
  • If you live in a Lockdown postcode and require delivery between the dates shown you will have to pay the extra £25 charge. Without payment of the security surcharge we will not dispatch your order.  Please contact us directly to pay this surcharge.