Candy Buttons


They may look tricky but the Art of the Cakepop is easy to master – you’ll be amazed at just how simple (and FUN) they are to make!

YOUR CAKEPOPS: To make your cake balls you will need one ready made sponge/Madeira and a batch of your favourite buttercream or frosting. Simply break up your cake into small crumbs. Add small quantities of buttercream to your crumbs and keep stirring until your mixture is binding together.

TIME TO GET MESSY: Using your hands, create small balls out of your mixture and make them as smooth and equal in size as possible. Let these chill for 10-15 minutes in your fridge or freezer.

CANDY BUTTONS: Whilst these are chilling, it’s time to get down with your fabulous Candy Buttons or Wilton Candy Melts. Simply pop them into a microwavable container and melt, following the instructions on the pack. (We bet you tried a few yourself before you melted them! We did!)

ASSEMBLING YOUR CAKEPOPS: When you have a smooth melted consistency of Candy Buttons and chilled cakepops,it’s time to put these babies together. Dip your cakepop sticks into your melted Candy Buttons and then straight into one of your cake balls. Do this for all of your cakepop balls and then chill for a further 10-15 minutes.

Now’s the perfect time to get your decorations ready (and munch any remaining unmelted Candy Buttons –especially if they’re Mint or Peanut Butter flavour!). Accessorise your amazing tasting cakepops with a range of Sprinkles, Sugar Crystals, Flowers or Sugar Pipings. Why not try some of our fabulous moulds to create intricate and professional designs in keeping with your theme (and time frame!). Or if you’re really feeling adventurous, get your Paints and Lustre Dusts and Sprays out and go mad!

Once your cakepops have chilled and are firmly attached to the sticks, dip each one in your melted Candy Buttons – make sure you cover the whole cake ball and let your excess melted chocolate drip off before you put them in your stand to dry.

Let your Candy Button coating completely dry before adding your decorations (unless you’re adding sprinkles,in which case, add when almost dry).

Once your cakepops are all dried and decorated (looking absolutely fantastic we bet!) finish them off with our Clear Bags and Ties for that extra little professional touch – or to cover any little messy bits!

Display your cakepops on a fabulous stand and enjoy the compliments (for the taste and appearance) rolling in!



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