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We understand that sometimes your cupcake stand may not be big enough to the throw the sort of party you want which is why we created our 'Wedding Acrylics Range Conversion Kits', to help you get that little bit more out of your cupcake tower.  We've piled all the discs and supports you'll need into these easy to use kits, so you needn't worry about ordering them separately.  Simply select your current stand size, coupled with the desired size you'd like to upgrade to, from the drop down menu to get started.


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Round Conversion Kits

Add to BasketRound Conversion Kits£18.00

  • Add up to 8 tiers to your round WA Range stand
  • Provides a variety of different display options
  • Everything you need to increase your stand size
  • Available in all colours 
View Wedding Acrylics Round Conversion Kit Variations

Square Conversion Kits

Add to BasketSquare Conversion Kits£18.00

  • Make your square stand bigger without the hassle
  • Increase the tiers up to a maximum of 7
  • Everything you need to allow for more display options
  • Made to match whatever colour cupcake stand you have 
View Wedding Acrylics Square Conversion Kit Variations

Heart Conversion Kits

Add to BasketHeart Conversion Kits£18.00

  • Increase the size of your existing heart stand
  • More space for your cupcakes
  • Ready to use kit
  • Creates more display options 
View Wedding Acrylics Heart Conversion Kit Variations

Spiral Conversion Kits

Add to BasketSpiral Conversion Kits£18.00

  • More turns to your spiral!
  • Make larger impressive displays
  • Complete kit to extend the cupcake stand
  • Provide more options  
View Wedding Acrylics Spiral Conversion Kit Variations

Octagon Conversion Kits

Add to BasketOctagon Conversion Kits£18.00

  • Add up to 7 tiers from your current octagon stand
  • More style and impact
  • No need to buy single components
  • Available in any colour 
View Wedding Acrylics Octagon Conversion Kit Variations

Petal Conversion Kits

Add to BasketPetal Conversion Kits£18.00

  • Increase your petal stand up to 7 tiers
  • Allows you to cater for larger events
  • Easy ready-made kit
  • Petal cupcake stands are great for summer parties 
View Wedding Acrylics Petal Conversion Kit Variations

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