We love to look at the pictures of cakes and cupcakes that get sent to us and we decided to show them to the world! Here you will find a selection of photos from our valued customers and they certainly show what a creative bunch they are. We are very proud to know that our stands and the baking/sugarcraft supplies that you buy from us are being used so productively! 










By sending us your images you agree to let us use them in any way that we choose on the website or in publications. Image content can be adjusted to suit our needs and we reserve the right to not include any details or watermarks of the photographer. Please do not send us your pictures if they were taken by any professional photographer/agency or if you do not have full rights to re-use the image. We constantly make sure that all royalties are paid for images that we use, so our customer gallery must only include roayalty free images with the express permission of the photographer. Sorry to go on but it is important! Thanks


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