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Pearl 30th Wedding Anniversary

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Blush Pearlized Sugar Pearls

Blush Pearlized Sugar Pearls£2.49   £2.00

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Ivory Pearlized Sugar Pearls

Ivory Pearlized Sugar Pearls£2.49   £2.00

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Oyster Pearlized Sugar Pearls

Oyster Pearlized Sugar Pearls£2.49   £2.00

Ivory Butterfly

Ivory Butterfly£4.95   £2.50

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Ivory Flowers

Ivory Flowers£4.95   £2.50

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Ivory Rose

Ivory Rose£4.95   £2.50

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Ivory Dove

Ivory Dove£4.95   £2.50

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Pearlescent Mink Food Paint

Pearlescent Mink Food Paint£4.29   £3.00

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Wedding Acrylics Range - Heart

Wedding Acrylics Range - Heart£21.99

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  • Send a loving message with our heart shaped stand
  • Brilliant for Valentines Day or anniversaries
  • Looks great in red and pink
  • Available in 3-7 tiers
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Fountain Candle - Silver

Fountain Candle - Silver£3.99   £1.99

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MonoChrome Range - Petal

MonoChrome Range - Petal£42.95

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  • More space for cupcakes than its little brother
  • Thick polished acrylic
  • Easy to move around and great for trade shows
  • Comes in 2-7 tier options
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Party Popper Silicone Mould

Party Popper Silicone Mould£5.00   £3.10

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Pearl Band Border - Karen Davies Mould

Pearl Band Border - Karen Davies Mould£14.50   £13.45

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Wedding Acrylics Range - Petal

Wedding Acrylics Range - Petal£18.99

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  • Great for summer parties and gatherings
  • Ties in well with floral themes
  • Stong but stylish
  • 2-7 tier sizes available
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Page 1 of 1:    53 Items

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