Rainbow Dust ProGel Colours

We’ve had an explosion of new Rainbow Dust products and we’re so excited to share our love of these new goodies with you! 

Rainbow Dust have recently launched their own professional grade ready-to-use concentrated food colour called ProGel and it’s a game changer.  

The vibrancy of the coloursare absolutely fantastic! Expect to achieve the colour on the tube with ease.And the packaging is genius too. Say goodbye to endless colouring cocktailsticks with these clean-handling squeezy tubes. It works just as well inbuttercream and renshaws modelling paste - we just love it!  

We haven’t dyed any of ourhands any wonderful colours - that’s definitely a bonus! 

Try it yourself - there are so many colours to choose from! 


View the full range of Rainbow Dust Pro-Gel Colours HERE 



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