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If you would like the chance to get a £25 voucher to spend on our website, then why not tell a friend about us. If that person then comes on to our website and spends a minimum of £30, we will email you a voucher for you to add to your basket when you checkout. Simply fill out the details below and leave the rest to us. You may want to take a second to scan through the terms and conditions at the bottom so you know exactly what needs to happen for you to receive your voucher. If you have more friends that you wish to refer, you can send us up to 3 referral requests and receive a £25 voucher for every successful referral. What are you waiting for??


Your Name: *
Name of the person referring
Your Email Address: *
The email address that you would like the gift voucher to be sent to if the referral is successful
Name of Friend/Relative: *
Enter First and Last Name
Their Email Address: *
How do you know this person?
Sometimes a personal message to your friend or relative can help the success of the referral. It's up to you though!
Please add the two numbers
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Our aim is to try and make the referral process a very quick and simple thing. Below is an outline of what happens once you have completed the form above.
1. We receive an email containing the referral information.
2. An email then gets sent to your friend/relative telling them about the scheme and your recommendation (thanks for that by the way!)
3. They then have 30 days in which to visit the website, sign up and place an order with us for a minimum of £30.00.
4. We then notify you that your friend has taken you up on your good advice and send you a e-voucher for £25.00 to spend on anything on our website.
That's it! We get a new customer and you get £25. Everyone is happy! Oh and if you want to recommend another friend and get another £25, carry on. You can do this up to 3 times in any 12 month period.


The chances are that no one will ever read this section but at least we put the effort in! Below you will find the technical ins and outs of this deal. We want everyone to win from this but there has to be a few rules.

- Once we receive the referral email the friend or relative has 30 days in which to activate the scheme. After that, the referral will be deleted and must be re-applied for as a new request.
- The new account must be set up with the email address supplied to us in the original referral request and must be set up as a new user on the website. Using current active accounts and altering contact information will invalidate the scheme
- The minimum order for the scheme to be activated is £30.00. This amount must be made up from product costs only. It  does not include any postage calculations.
- Please allow up to 90 days for the full referral process to be completed and for the delivery of the e-voucher for successful referrals. At least 7 days must pass from the delivery of the goods to the friend/relative to account for our returns policy.
-The Vanilla Valley reserve the right to alter or withdraw this offer at any point without any prior warning or correspondence. 

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