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Here you'll find all of your sugarcrafting essentials from all of your favourite brands. We stock Hamilworth wires in all gauges in green, white, metallic silver and gold. Find the perfect shade of florist tape in different widths below. If you're making sugarcraft flowers, it has to be SFP SUgar Florist Paste available in a full range of flower colours including poinsettia, pink, lemon, and holly green. Or colour your own using sugarflair pastes. We also stock white and cream SFP in 1kg packs which are excellent value if you've got lots to make! 

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Renshaws Modelling Paste - White

Renshaws Modelling Paste - White£2.99   £1.49Add to Basket

Flower Stamens

Flower Stamens£4.99   £3.99Add to Basket

Craft Brush Set

Craft Brush Set£4.99Add to Basket

Lily Stamens

Lily Stamens£4.99   £3.35Add to Basket

JEM Yellow Lily Stamen£3.99   £2.75Add to Basket

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If you're in a rush and have no time to make your own sugarcraft flowers then fear not: The Vanilla Valley to the rescue with our ready made flowers sprays: Roses, poinsettias and the ever popular anemone. Rosebuds in red and white are also adorable for a vintage style cake or cupcakes. Pop these wired flowers into your cake using flower pics to finish off your beautiful design.