The Vanilla Valley Cake Decorating Courses  


January - June 2015

Nantgarw, Cardiff


Ganaching a Cake

January 2015

As more and more brides want unusual cakes, a chocolate cake covered in ganache and beautifully decorated is as lovely to look at as it is to eat! This workshop was very sought after and the results were amazing. Everyone was taught the art of ganaching a cake so that a smooth finished is achieved, something that can now be made even easier with the help of Ganaching Plates exclusively made by The Vanilla Valley. In addition to a whole host of tips on how to work with ganache, the students were encouraged to decorate the finished the cakes by practising their piping skills. The finishing touches of applied colours and dusts made for some beautiful creations. Well done to everyone involved!


Royal Icing

February 2015

The Royal Icing course was the first one to be held in our new cake decorating classroom in Nantgarw, Cardiff. Located in our retail unit, we were so happy to finally see it being used and we think everyone involved had a lovely day. The Royal Icing workshop was set up for anyone that wished to improve their skills and learn a range of handy hints and tips. Everyone was introduced to a range of different piping nozzles to achieve different effects. Our students were able to decorate their cakes in whatever design they desired and left with some marvellous creations.


Artista Paste

March 2015

Artista Paste is fast becoming more popular with sugarcrafters because it is so light, unbreakable and it does not get damaged in damp weather etc. This incredibly versatile non-edible paste is perfect for adding intricate decorations to your finished cake creations. The Vanilla Valley was able to set up a workshop that proved as an introduction to the paste and it was a huge success. As the photos show, our students were introduced to the paste and then given the freedom to experiment with it and try out a whole host of ideas. Many students were able to adapt the paste to make flowers, sprays and models. This paste is now available to buy from The Vanilla Valley at a very reasonable £6.25. Why not pick up a pack to try and see if you can have the same success as our students.


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