The Vanilla Valley Introduction


Making fundamental changes to a business is never an easy decision to make, especially when it involves re-branding and choosing a new name. Wedding Acrylics was born in 2008 as a small eBay company that specialised in making acrylic cupcake stands for weddings. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that we would become one of the leading suppliers of cake decorating and baking supplies in the UK. We have known for a long time that the name “Wedding Acrylics” was becoming less and less fitting for the company but understood that doing something about it was an enormous task. However, after a long, invigorating and sometimes incredibly frustrating process we decided on a new name…The Vanilla Valley!

It was important to us as a company to choose a name that better suited the industry that we now fit into. We didn’t want to go down the obvious route of including words such as “cake” or “bake” because we felt it had been done many times before. There was also no point limiting ourselves again and wanted to find something that could grow with us as we expand the company and the range of products. With the help of everyone in the company and some really clear goals, we achieved what we believe to be a powerful yet stylish name that has longevity and adaptability.





We have always felt that the overall branding and colour scheme of Wedding Acrylics was strong. The evolution of the colour schemes and logos has been ongoing over the last few years and we have got to a place that looks inviting but remains different from the competition. After deciding on the name “The Vanilla Valley”, the task was to try and achieve a successful image crossover with the existing Wedding Acrylics branding. Again a team effort was the key to getting this right and the design process saw input from people at every level of the company. After many variations and tweaks we arrived at a place that had most people saying “that’s it!”



So we have made the all-important first steps towards re-branding Wedding Acrylics to become The Vanilla Valley. There is still plenty more to do including the switch over of the website and the image development of our brand new cake decorating retail unit in South Wales. However, we are very much on the way and believe we have built a brand that has a real future. Our aim is to continue to provide the cake decorating and sugarcraft industry with a fantastic range of products at competitive prices with a focus on excellent customer service and fast delivery. Long may it continue.














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