12 Sweetest Baking Blogs worth Bookmarking

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A simple pleasure for some, a sweet addiction for others, baking becomes art when seasoned with passion, creativity, and ingenuity. Add the power of storytelling, amazing illustrations, and a soft spot for community-building, and the outcome is nothing but the sweetest baking blog out there.  

We are thrilled to share with you the 12 best baking blogs discovered across the web this year (one for every month). Our list covers inspirational food blogs featuring amazing baking recipes and cake design ideas. Get inspired and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time!

Inspiring Baking Blogs to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

The criteria that lies at the core of our selection includes innovation, variety of baking ideas and captivating food stories, excellence in writing, and quality of illustration. So, besides providing us with fantastic baking recipes & cake decorating ideas, each blog is visually irresistible. 

Without further ado, meet our favourite bloggers and the stories behind their foodie enthusiasm. 


12. Wholy Goodness

Great For: Vegan baking

Orange, Date and Almond Cookies by Wholy Goodness

The Blog Story

The Wholy Goodness is a blog created by now Berlin-based food blogger Jessica Prescott with one thought in mind: to dispel all myths about vegan food and cooking. Jessica takes great pleasure in creating simple and wholesome dishes. At the same time, she enjoys experimenting with organic, non-animal derived ingredients. The blog features not only whole food recipes for vegans and the vegan-curious but also inspiring baking ideas for anyone looking for something new to cook.

Food Philosophy

"Every day I marvel over this incredible planet and the beautiful, psychedelic and delicious things it grows. Wholy Goodness is a manifestation of my long held desire to share my kitchen experiments. It is also a space where I can combine all of my creative outlets — food, photography and funny hand lettering." [Jessica Prescott]

Wholy Goodness is a virtual space where good food is paired with excellent presentation and a genuine care for nature’s gifts.

Irresistible Baking Recipes

Anyone who believes vegan sweets cannot be indelibly delicious and visually appealing should take a look at Jessica’s index of desserts. Both the Apple Orange Cinnamon Almond Cake and Booty Cake displayed below make for perfect Sunday treats.

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

Apple, Orange and Cinnamon Cake by Wholy Goodness Booty Cake by Wholy Goodness
Apple Orange Cinnamon Almond Cake Booty Cake


Fans & Followers

Discover more inspirational vegan recipes by joining Wholy Goodness’s community of 1,870 Facebook fans and 5,522 Instagram followers.



11. Chocolate + Marrow

Great For: Tasty twists to classic cakes, sweets and desserts

Sweet Potato Donuts with Toasted Marshmallow Fluff and Cashew Crumble by Chocolate and Marrow

Sweet Potato Donuts with Toasted Marshmallow Fluff and Cashew Crumble © Brooke Brass

The Blog Story

Chocolate + Marrow is a food blog launched in 2014 by Brooke Brass. Born out of her wish for a creative outlet related to food, it is intended to inspire and celebrate life’s purest pleasures. Brooke is one of the finalists of the Best New Voice category in the 2015 Savour Magazine Blog Awards. Her dishes are both classic and playful, inspired from places she travelled around the world and stories of life centred on food.

Food Philosophy

As the description of the blog reads, Chocolate + Marrow

“celebrates the richness of life through food and words”. [Brooke Brass]

If you enjoy the indulgent side of life, you will probably like hanging around Brooke’s blog.

Irresistible Baking Recipes

The food featured on Chocolate + Marrow primarily consists in reinterpretations of the traditional Cajun dishes Brooke grew up on, as well as in recipes inspired by the bounty of The Pacific Northwest, that she is now surrounded by every day. Among the incredible baking recipes and cake design ideas you can discover on the blog, Brooke’s Sweet Potato Donuts with Toasted Marshmallow Fluff and Cashew Crumble has won us over.

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

Bourbon Butterscotch Pudding by Chocolate and Marrow
Bourbon Butterscotch Pudding     Potato Zeppole with Whiskey Crème Anglaise

Fans & Followers

Find Chocolate + Marrow on all major social media channels. Brooke currently has 1,725 Facebook fans and 381 Twitter followers.



10. Poires au Chocolate

Great For: Delicious treats from Cakes to Desserts to Ice Cream

Toscakaka - Swedish Caramel Almond Cake © Emma Gardner

The Blog Story

In spite of the French name, Poires au Chocolate is the creation of a British cutie called Emma Gardner. She started her blog in 2009, inspired by the first dessert that made her feel euphoric in the kitchen – the Pear and Chocolate Loaf Cake.

In 2014, Emma won the Guild of Food Writers’ Food Blog of the Year Award for excellence in the field of food writing. Same year, she was one of the winners of the acclaimed SAVEUR Best Food Blog Awards. Her blog now functions as an “archived book” of recipes and illustrated baking tutorials as Emma hung up her apron to become a doctor.

Food Philosophy

Emma is a master of sweet delights, while her blog is:

“a way to capture my joy at being back in a kitchen during my university holidays. I quickly realised that I had a single focus: baking and desserts”. [Emma Gardner]

Irresistible Baking Recipes

The blog features both simple and sophisticated recipes, from sweets and chocolate to layered cakes and brownies. Here are just a few recommendations for those looking to perfect their baking technique: Caramelized White Chocolate Eclairs, Chocolate Ganache, Swiss and Italian Meringue Making.

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

Brown Butter Blueberry  Muffins Coconut Cream Cake Strawberry Meringue Cake

Fans & Followers

You can find Fix Feast Flair on Instagram (13.5k followers) and Pinterest (810 followers). The blog currently has 529 Twitter followers and 1,171 Facebook likes.



9. Top with Cinnamon

Great For: "Free-from" baking recipes

No-Bake chocolate fridge cake with tofu ganache

The Blog Story

Top with Cinnamon is a blog created by Izy Hossack, now a 19-year old Londoner who studies Food Science & Nutrition. Impressively, at the time she started displaying and writing about her passion for cooking, Izy was only 15 years old. In 2013, she was among the nominees for the annual Saveur Best Food Blog Awards.

In September 2014, after three years of food blogging, Izy published her first cookbook. What we also admire at her dedication to food writing is her constant quest for inspiration. On the Inspiration section you will find a generous list of exciting baking blogs she loves reading the most. 

Food Philosophy

Izy grew up making her mother’s hand-written recipes. Her signature recipes and favourite ingredients reveal a soft spot for sweets and desserts. 

“A few of my fav ingredients are bittersweet chocolate, Maldon salt, pecans, and maple syrup. That pretty much sums me up.” [Izy Hossack]

Irresistible Baking Recipes

On Top with Cinnamon you will encounter Izy’s culinary experiments, most of them stylish sweet recipes, ranging, as she puts it, “from the indulgent to the wholesome and hearty.” Aside from desserts, there are also Savoury and Drinks recipes to delight your taste. The small cakes, muffins & baked doughnuts section will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

Chocolate & Cherry Meringue Cake  Lime & Elderflower Cakes  Lemon Swan Cupcakes 

Fans & Followers

Izy has 44,8K followers on Pinterest, where she has pinned over 200 photographs with her recipes posted on Top with Cinnamon. You can also follow her updates on Facebook, where she has 17,676 fans so far. 



8. The Art of Plating

Great For: Extravagant dessert display tips


The Blog Story

One of the finalists of the Best Designed Blog category in the 2015 Savour Magazine Blog Awards, The Art of Plating intends to show that food can be a form of high art. Visually provocative and captivating in content, the blog delights the viewer with creative culinary innovations. Maria Nguyen, the founder of The Art of Plating, launched the blog as a platform dedicated to the artistry involved in cooking. So far, we believe this blog achieved its aim. 

Food Philosophy

"The Art of Plating is the definitive source for food as a form of high art - utilizing form, colour, and texture to tell a story and evoke emotions." [Maria Nguyen]

Food as artistic craft sums up the philosophy put into action at the Art of Plating.

Haute Cuisine Food Decorating Ideas

Gastronomical Grace by chef Curtis Duffy  Coconut, miso, and purlsane by chef Tim Raue


Fans & Followers

Check out more mesmerising culinary designs featured by the Art of Plating on social media. The blog has around 27K fans on Facebook, 4,3K followers on Twitter, 1,1K followers on Pinterest, and an impressive fan community on Instagram, counting 227K followers. 



7. Love, Cake

Great For: Yummy traditional recipes


The Blog Story

This blog has a sweet story behind its name: “Wouldn't everyone like to receive a letter from Cake signed with love? I know I would”, says Sam, the creator of this amazingly inspirational source for baking aficionados. She is a passionate, joyful recipe developer and food stylist living to make desserts. When she is not in her kitchen baking or writing, she might be on the couch, reading and enjoying a cup of tea, complemented with a cookie of course.

Food Philosophy

"I want my blog Love, Cake to feel like old friends catching up while making a pie. I want it to be the kind of place where you can admit your mistakes (in baking and in life), shrug them off, and keep cooking.

A cosy kitchen where everyone laughs like the Car Talk guys, bakes like Dorie Greenspan, and lives as richly as Laurie Colwin. Where it always smells like sugar, and no one would ever judge you for eating a second slice." - [Samantha Seneviratne]

Irresistible Baking Recipes

From chocolate and pastries to frozen treats and sophisticated cakes, there is no doubt that Sam‘s desserts are sweet to the eye. If you are looking to surprise your dear ones with some easy yet special treats, you can perfect your skills on some mouth-watering currant pinwheels, delicious chocolate pistachio eclairs, or a gorgeous apple cherry strudel. 

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

Red Velvet Apricot Almond Cake  Strawberry Roulade with Lavender Cream    

Fans & Followers

Samantha Seneviratne shares her sweet passion for baking on Instagram, where she has 7,215 followers and on Twitter, where she is followed by 355 bakers and cookie lovers. 



6. Pastry Affair

Great For: Home baking with flair


The Blog Story

Born out of an affair with butter and sugar, Kristin Rosenau’s blog addresses the passionate home baker. While it intends to take an honest approach to food, the blog brings forward a new voice looking to add a bit of flair to homespun recipes. We love Kristin’s blog for the new feel she brings to home baking. 

Food Philosophy

"Each weekend, you can find me here, sifting through the cupboards, playing with my camera, and eating one too many cookies." [Kristin Rosenau]

Pastry Affair is about the joy of baking translated into beautiful images and provocative recipes. 

Irresistible Baking Recipes

Pastry Affair features an impressive selection of original baking recipes with a generous amount of butter and sugar, from cakes to cookies and chilled desserts. After taking a look at Kristin’s pastries you will understand why she calls her kitchen a “creative” heaven. 

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

Berry Topped Angel Food Cake     Candy Cane Cupcakes


Fans & Followers

You can discover more of Kristin’s inspiring baking recipes and decoration ideas on Facebook, where she has 19,316 fans, on Pinterest, where she has 14,700 followers, as well as on Twitter (2,578 followers) and Instagram (13,800 followers). 



5. Bakers Royale

Great For: The novice baker


The Blog Story

Bakers Royale was launched by Naomi Robinson in 2010. This has been her “cosy corner” form five years now, the virtual space where she collects her baking experiences, thoughts, and musings. On Bakers Royale you will find Naomi’s signature recipes as well as ideas gathered from friends, magazines, cookbooks, and other sources of inspiration. Best of all, the blog features baking and decoration tutorials ideal for all the newbies out there.

Food Philosophy

"Food is all about the experience it brings to you and those you share it with, so there are no rights or wrongs." - [Naomi Robinson]

Irresistible Baking Recipes

If you want to perfect your baking skills, this blog is one of the most inspiring resources we come across so far. Besides beautiful cupcakes, brilliant cakes and tarts, Naomi is a master of sweet breakfast ideas, breads, and cookies. Learn how to decorate cake pops and delight your eyes with her cupcake design ideas. 

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

Chocolate Birthday Cake Banana Split Cupcake Candy Bar Cookie Pops

Fans & Followers

Bakers Royale has an incredible fan community. There are 98,110 people following the blog on Facebook, 198,3K on Pinterest, 13,4K on Twitter and 31,9K on Instagram. 



4. Joy the Baker

Great For: Savoury as well as sweet


The Blog Story

Featured as one of the Top 50 Food Blogger in the World by London Times, Joy is a talented and successful culinary blogger, author, and donut enthusiast. She launched Joy the Baker in 2008 out of her obsession with cakes and brownies. In 2012 she published her first cook book. On Joy’s blog you will find sweet recipes from cakes to chocolate and cookies, but also a series of food and lifestyle podcasts. 

Food Philosophy

"No matter what the question, the answer is always cookies. Always." - [Joy]

Irresistible Baking Recipes

The JTB blog is packed with mouth-watering cake recipes and amazing chocolate delights. To get a feel of Joy’s cooking style, take a look at the gorgeous cake decorations below. 

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

Fresh Fig and Almond Breakfast Cake Double Chocolate Cake Doughnuts


Fans & Followers

Joy has an incredible online presence, with over 175K fans on Facebook, 56,9K followers on Twitter, 91,5K followers on Pinterest, and 302K followers on Instagram. 



3. Fix Feast Flair

Great For: Something different


The Blog Story

Reader’s choice in the Best New Voice category of the annual Savour Blog Awards, Fix Feast Flair is a blog centred on cooking lifestyle. The voice behind the blog is Alana Kysar, “a recent Los Angeles transplant” as she describes herself.

She was born and raised in Hawaii, where she started developing a love for cooking at an early age. The three Fs she is now investing her time and passion in are her way to share stories with others. 

Food Philosophy

Fixing food. Feasting on it. Adding that little touch of flair to it all. 

Fix: Bake, cook, or make it (think recipes)
Feast: Dine in or out or in another state (or country!)
Flair: Packaging makes everything better. :D


Irresistible Baking Recipes

Here you will find a host of recipes ranging from baking goodies to personalizing your creations. Try out the Nutmeg & Pear Pie recipe and hone your decorating skills with some Forest Floor Chocolate Cupcakes.

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas


Concord Grape Buttermilk Sherbet Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwiches  Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Fans & Followers

You can find Fix Feast Flair on Instagram (13.5k followers) and Pinterest (810 followers). The blog currently has 529 Twitter followers and 1,171 Facebook likes. 



2. My Name is Yeh

Great For: Adventurous and beautiful baking

Chocolate chili ganache cake with marzipan hearts © Molly

The Blog Story

The culinary universe you will discover on My Name is Yeh is inspired by the blogger’s Jewish and Assian heritage, as well as by her current picturesque Midwestern farm life.

Molly’s passion for cooking sprang during her time in New York and now she is working on her first cook book. Molly’s blog was awarded the Blog of the Year title by the already mentioned Savour Magazine editors.

Food Philosophy

For Molly baking is not only fun and adventurous but also an essential part of her life.

"I've documented my life in journals since the day I could write, and since 2009, this blog has been an extension of that." [Molly]

Irresistible Baking Recipes

Among the recent goodies recently featured by Molly on her blog, the Glazed Apple Cider Donuts and the Almond + Cinnamon + Meringue Cookies have aroused our appetite. Not only she likes to bake but Molly also has a soft spot for photography. Check out a few of her beautifully decorated cakes and cupcake designs.

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

Chocolate Cupcakes with Macha Frosting Valentine’s Day Almond Cake

Fans & Followers

Molly has a great online presence, with over 19K fans on Facebook, 8K followers on Twitter, 36K followers on Pinterest, and 113K followers on Instagram.



1. APT. 2B Baking Co.

Great For: Decedant, well photographed recipes

Yossy Arefi © Glen Allsop

The Blog Story

The winner in our best cake blogs out there is Apt. 2B Baking Co., “a food blog on film” created by the talented Yossy Arefi. Yossy not only is a baker and a blogger but also a food photographer and stylist.

Her baking blog celebrates both her love for the camera and passion for cooking, which she began honing in 2007. This year, Apt. 2B Baking Co. was endorsed by the Savour Magazine editors as the best blog in the Best Baking and Desserts category.

Food Philosophy

For Yossy, baking is all about mixing the joy of baking with her passion for photography. Her fantastic sweets are thus complemented with wonderful photos.

Irresistible Baking Recipes

Video Source: How to Make Quince Crumble Cake on Yossy Arefi’s YouTube Channel

To drop a few more baking recipe ideas, you should try her Apricot, Walnut, and Lavender Cake, the Honeycomb Ice Cream & Mini Baked Alaskas, as well as the lovely Ombre Cake.

Let’s take a look at Yossy’s best cake design ideas too.

Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

Fresh Fruit Tart  Orange & Almond Upside down Cake

Fans & Followers

Discover more of Yossy’s photographic and gastronomic stories at yossyarefi.com. You can follow her foodie journey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest too. She has 5,487 FB fans and 1,926 Twitter followers so far.

Her book, Sweeter Off the Vine – Fruit Desserts for Every Season, is also available for pre-order.

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