2016 Cake Trends Update!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016  |  Georgina@thevanillavalley

Wedding season is upon us, which means we're seeing the emergence of new trends ready to take 2016 by storm! Late 2015 and early 2016 saw a surge in popularity of traditional cakes, modelled roses and lace embellishments, and woodland themes with natural textures. Coming into the summer months we've seen some gorgeous new trends developing included cakes topped with meringue peaks, and "drip" cakes, plus of course the geode cake and glossy cakes which became viral sensations in April and May this year.

So, without further ado, The Vanilla Valley round up of top 2016 wedding season cake trends!


Meringue Peaks

Sweetpolita Meringue dream cake Meringue peak topper cake trend - Image from weddingbelles.caSweetpolita watercolour meringue peak topped cake

Meringue topped cake by Raspberri Cupcakes

This gorgeous trend, reported by Wedding Belles, adds different dimensions to a cake.

The texture contrast between the crunchy meringue and soft sponge is definitely a winner for the un-expecting party guest. Why stop at just texture? Grab some Sugar and Crumbs flavoured icing sugar to craft your meringues for an added flavour sensation!

It's ideal for adding height to smaller cakes in a unique way. If you only need a one or two tier cake but want to add a little drama to the cake instead of having a flat top this trend is ideal. The peaks can be as shallow or as high and pointy as you can muster.

You could use them to add a splash of colour to a plainer cake or match them up to the colour theme.

Alternatively, in a similar fashion, we've also seen an emergence of macarons being used as cake toppers. These again offer a somewhat contrasting texture, plenty of colour opportunities as well as great flavour options!



Drip Cakes

Popcorn Drip cake by Sweetly CakesColourful drip cake by Katherine SabbathChocolate Drip cake tutorial at thecakeblog.com

Christmas themed drip cake for Sprinkles and Crumbs

Drip cakes are currently one of the most popular trends in cake decorating. Whether started by or inspired by the cakes of Katherine Sabbath, this cake designer definitely owns this style, making wow factor, colourful creations like the centre image. A Google or Pinterest search of her name will bring up plenty of images of her creations or follow the link from the image above to head to her blog.

The drip cake is a versatile design, it works beautifully with contrasting colours to make eye-catching delights for the eye, but it also works wonderfully with chocolate ganache or caramel drizzles for a more decadent affair.

The drip effect is most popular teamed with a mountain of toppings, this creates the effect that the cake is overflowing with goodies, causing the drips down the side.

This makes it an easy trend to theme to certain occasions, for example this Christmas cake to the right. By adding the chocolate Christmas tree and mini Christmas puds with red and green colours you have an instant festive cake. Try it with Easter, Valentines day or Halloween, or more personal occasions like Silver or Ruby Anniversaries.

Follow the links on the popcorn cake and chocolate cake above for some great tutorials showing you how to make them.



Geode Cakes

Geode topped cake by Dhanyas DelightsGeode wedding cake by Intricate IcingsGeode Wedding cake by Three Tier for Cake

Geode Cupcakes by Sweet Bites

In case you missed it, in May a 360 degree video of the cake pictured in the centre, by Intricate Icings Cake Design, went viral kick-starting a rise in popularity of Geode Cakes.

Again searching Google or Pinterest for "geode cake" will produce a huge number of images, and the results of this trend are simply stunning. 

Combine your geode with marble effect fondant for a sleek, natural rock theme cake which is sure to add a touch of glamour and drama to a party.

Check out this video to see how you can make your own candy geodes!



Glossy Cakes

Red strawberry glossy cake by Olga NoskovaaBlue ring glossy cake by Olga NoskovaaPurple rounded glossy cake by Olga Noskovaa

Crackle effect glossy cake by John Ralley

Last, and by no means least, is a cake trend that went viral at the beginning of June with the likes of Buzzfeed and other pop culture news sources jumping at these unusual and oddly hypnotising glossy cakes.

Patisserie chef Olga Noskovaa has taken Instragram by storm with her mirror shine glossy cakes. Her creations are not only beautifully coloured (and so shiny!) but wonderfully shaped, with unusual shapes like donuts or rounded edges. Topped with fresh fruits these cake are definitely a delight for the eyes.

A little later in June another patisserie chef by the name of John Ralley also emerged, showing off his version of the mirror shine glossy cake, with an utterly mesmerising video where he creates this cracked effect in the colour by what looks like magic. Click the image to the right to view his video on Instrgram, it has to be seen to be believed.



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