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Easter & Spring

Easter is the perfect time to make bright and colourful cakes and of course involve lots of chocolate! Whatever your theme, we have the tools and edibles to help make your spring creations blossom. If you aim to fill your cake with rabbits and chicks this year, then we have a variety of silicone moulds and icing cutters that will help you model the cutest of edible animals. No Easter cake is complete without flowers and The Vanilla Valley prides itself on supplying the widest selection of modelling pastes and sugarcraft tools to help create beautiful sugar flowers. We also stock the full range of if you want amazing detail in your petals and leaves. Easter is also a great time to spend baking in the kitchen with kids. Have fun with cake pops and cupcakes this year and indulge in our wide selection of melting candy and tasty edible sprinkles.

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Peter Rabbit Cupcake Cases
Peter Rabbit Plaque
Carrot Edible Decorations
Peter Rabbit Cake Pick
Air Art - Full Set of Stencils by Rhianydd Webb
£51.80   £45.00
3D Bird Silicone Mould
Katy Sue Mould - Dragonfly


Wilton 3D Lamb Pan Set
Katy Sue Mould - Blossom Birds


Katy Sue Mould - Rose Stems


Air Art - Large Stencil - Uma
£23.95   £13.95
Easter Bunnies - Karen Davies Mould
£15.00   £13.95


Easter Chicks - Karen Davies Mould
£15.00   £13.95


Garden Urns Silicone Mould
Air Art - Wild Flowers Stencil by Rhianydd Webb
£19.95   £12.95
Katy Sue Sugar Buttons Mould - Rabbit
£11.99   £10.95
Woodland Cutters Set of 7
Katy Sue Mould - Daffodils


Katy Sue Mould - Design Mat - Butterfly
£9.99   £8.35


Spring Flower Set


Gerbera Silicone Mould
Lily Flower Silicone Mould
Pansy Silicone Mould
Butterflies, Ladybirds & Bees


Cake Star Bunny Mould
3 Rabbits Easter Cupcake Stencil
£4.49   £3.49
Cake Star Mini Bunny Mould
Chick Easter Cupcake Stencil
£4.49   £3.49
Egg with Legs Easter Cupcake Stencil
£4.49   £3.49
Happy Easter Cupcake Stencil
£4.49   £3.49
Rabbit (Design 1) Easter Cupcake Stencil
£4.49   £3.49
Rabbit (Design 2) Easter Cupcake Stencil
£4.49   £3.49
Rabbit Feet Easter Cupcake Stencil
£4.49   £3.49
Ivory Butterfly Cupcake Wrappers
£4.95   £2.50
Mauve Butterfly Cupcake Wrappers
£4.95   £2.50
Rabbit Cutter (set of 2)
£4.80   £2.40
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Page 1 of 2:    122 Items
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