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Our huge range of flavourings includes Beau Products, Foodie Flavours, Nielson Massey and Dr Oetker. Whether you are looking for Almond extract, champagne and other alcohol flavours, Natural Cherry flavouring or Creamy Buttery Caramel Flavouring we've got it covered.  

The Beau Products range is the most expansive and includes some of the most unique flavours! The range includes more traditional fruit and spice flavours like raspberry, strawberry, cinnamon and vanilla; fun flavours like cream soda, candy floss, bubblegum and salted caramel; plus fantastic alcohol and spirit based flavours like whiskey, rum, Irish cream and amaretto. The flavours are also highly concentrated so a little goes a long way, meaning the 40ml bottles are great value for money.

A little goes a long way with the fantastic range of Foodie Flavours - and whats more there are even many suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as being gluten free, egg free and dairy free - we just love them! Which will be your first one to try or second to experiment with? 

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Cardamom Dry Extract

Cardamom Dry Extract£12.00   £9.99

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Cinnamon Dry Extract

Cinnamon Dry Extract£12.00   £9.99

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Clove Dry Extract

Clove Dry Extract£12.00   £9.99

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Cumin Dry Extract

Cumin Dry Extract£12.00   £9.99

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Ginger Dry Extract

Ginger Dry Extract£12.00   £9.99

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Turmeric Dry Extract

Turmeric Dry Extract£12.00   £9.99

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Still can't decide? Our team top picks include Champagne and Passion Fruit! While a firm favourite in our shop remains to be bubblegum! Or why not try a natural lavender flavouring for adding a famous floral flavour to your baking? 


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