Fractal Colors

Fractal Colors offer a broad range of colouring products in an extensive range of colours. Check out the Calligra Brush pens for a unique long tip, ideal for adding fine details to decorations. For food colours suited to colouring icings, frostings and fondant, try the FullFill Gels; concentrated food colours in a great range of shades from primary reds, blues and yellows to stunning purples and greens. Fractal also create two ranges of liquid colours, suitable for air brushing, the FlowAir range offer fantastic matte colours in one of the best bottle sizes on the market, as well as the ShimmAir Shine range which offer stunning lustre finish colours. If it's powder colours you're after, the SuPearl Shine range of lustre dusts offer brilliant, metallic and pearl finish colours for dusting or creating edible paints with. Plus there are great essentials like edible glue, glucose and glycerine!

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