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Happy Sprinkles

Explore the beautiful range of vibrant Happy Sprinkles.  You will find various different shapes and sizes for you to add embellishments, colour, and detail to your cakey projects.  Happy Sprinkles come in either 75g, 90g or 100g size pots. Adorn the sides of your cake to create a statement party piece or sprinkle over your cupcakes to give them an extravagant look. 

Some of our favourites in the Happy Sprinkles range include Dancing Queen, Celebrations, Jurassic Party, Pastel Summer and Love Birds.  For Wedding cakes check out Happy Ever After Happy Sprinkles which will enhance your cake with it's stunning combination of white, ivory and silver pearls and love hearts.

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PASTEL STRANDS Happy Sprinkles 90g
£7.50   £6.50
PURPLE DULL RODS Happy Sprinkles 90g
£7.50   £6.50
RED GLOSS RODS Happy Sprinkles 90g
£7.50   £6.50
SWEET N EASY Happy Sprinkles 90g
£7.50   £6.50
CLOUD 7  Edible Sprinkles 90g
£7.50   £6.25

Page 1 of 1:    49 Items
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