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Novelty Tins and Shaped Pans

Save yourself the hassle of trying to carve and create difficult shaped cakes – let our amazing tins do the hard work for you! Whether it’s a bottle of wine or beer, a football cake, mini princesses, over even a 3D skull we have the tin for you. We’ve also got a full range of excellent number tins for all those big birthdays. Wilton's offering includes a wine bottle, footballs, chequerboard, multi layers which are great for rainbow cakes, and the fantastic "Countless Celebrations" pan which allows you to form letters or numbers, perfect for when you only intend to make a cake the once and want flexibility to create other options.

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Wilton 3D Lamb Pan Set
£15.99   £12.99
PME Topsy Turvy Pan 10 inch / 25cm
£15.95   £14.95
PME Topsy Turvy Pan 6 inch / 15cm
£9.95   £9.25
PME Topsy Turvy Pan 8 inch / 20cm
£13.95   £12.95
PME Ball Cake Pan - LARGE (8'' x 4'')
£9.25   £8.95
PME Ball Cake Pan - MEDIUM (6'' x 3'')
£5.99   £5.75
Wilton Easy Layers Square Cake Pan Set - 4 Pieces
£14.99   £12.99
Wilton Heart Tasty Fill Tin Set
£14.99   £13.99
Wilton Mini Tasty Fill Tin Set
£11.99   £10.49
Wilton Two Tone Cupcake Insert
£5.99   £4.49
Wilton Easy Layers Round Cake Pan Set - 4 Pieces
£14.99   £12.99
Small Number Four Cake Tin
Small Number Seven Cake Tin
Large Number Five Cake Tin
Large Number Four Cake Tin
Large Number Seven Cake Tin
Wilton Rugby / American Football Pan
£14.99   £12.99
Large Number One Cake Tin
Large Number Three Cake Tin
Large Number Two Cake Tin
Large Number Zero Cake Tin
Small Number One Cake Tin
Small Number Three Cake Tin
Small Number Two Cake Tin
Small Number Zero Cake Tin
T-shirt Baking Tin
Wilton 3D Sports Ball Pan Set
£14.99   £12.99
Wilton Football Cake Pan
£14.99   £12.99
Non Stick Ring Pan by PME
Heart Cake Tins

Page 1 of 1:    54 Items
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