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Patchwork Cutters

Patchwork cutters are generally considered to be a traditional cake decorating tool. By traditional, we don’t mean old-fashioned, but a necessity and staple of any cake decorators (equipment) diet. There is quite literally a patchwork cutter for anything – they’re a cake decorators secret weapon for customising any cake – the ninja of the cake decorating equipment world if you like. For a simple and fast professional looking cut-out for your cakes, Patchwork is what you need in your life!
If it’s a James Bond or Casino themed cake, there’s playing card cutters and casino chips. For a small child’s birthday, we have a teddy bears picnic set complete with instructional dvd. Or if it’s the latest music craze that’s sweeping the ‘tween’ nation, make sure you get some extra large music notes, guitars and drum kits to accompany your theme.

For wedding cakes, take a look at the Patchwork Books, designed and written by Patchwork expert Marion Frost. For something that’s different from the norm, there’s no doubt you can take inspiration from between these pages. Or if it’s on-hands experience you’re after, use the DVD’s for expert help and advice. If you want to be in the cake-decorators know-how of making professional cakes, then welcome.



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