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PME Gum Paste

Knightsbridge PME have been in the Cake Decorating industry for a very long time. They have an enormous catalogue of decorating edibles and baking tools and know how to create products that cake artists and home bakers love. Their addition to the modelling paste market is no exception. This is a fantastic gum paste for beginners, as it comes slightly softer and doesn't dry too hard too quickly, giving the user more time to work. 8 bold and versatile colours lend themselves to a range of animal or character modelling ideas as well as for use with bright colourful sugar flowers. Also available in white, this paste can be coloured using a wide variety of concentrated gel colours, dust and paint. Whilst this is not as well known as some of the other market leaders, it certainly has a place in the market particularly with those that require a softer paste and longer working times.

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