Recall of Certain Rolkem Products

FSA Statement

Fabricake Sugarcraft Limited recalls Rolkem’s Special Rose Gold and Super Gold due to high levels of metal. Fabricake Sugarcraft Limited is recalling Rolkem Special Rose Gold and Rolkem Super Gold which are food colours used to decorate food items (such as cakes) due to high concentration of copper.

Product Details

Rolkem Special Rose Gold

Pack size: All sizes 

Batch code: All batches

Best before description: All dates


Rolkem Super Gold

Pack size: All sizes

Batch code: All batches

Best before description All dates

No other Fabricake Sugarcraft Limited products are known to be affected.


Risk statement

High levels of copper. Due to the high concentration of copper, nausea, vomiting and/or abdominal pain are possible short-term effects from consumption of food items decorated with this product.

Action taken by the company

Fabricake Sugarcraft Limited is recalling the above products. Point of sale notices will be displayed in all retail stores that are selling these products. These notices explain to customers why the products are being recalled and tell them what to do if they have bought the products. Please see the attached notice. 

Our advice to consumers

If you have bought any of the above products do not eat it. Instead, return it to the store from where it was bought for a full refund.

About product recalls and withdrawals

If there is a problem with a food product that means it should not be sold, then it might be 'withdrawn' (taken off the shelves) or 'recalled' (when customers are asked to return the product). The FSA issues Product Withdrawal Information Notices and Product Recall Information Notices to let consumers and local authorities know about problems associated with food. In some cases, a 'Food Alert for Action' is issued. This provides local authorities with details of specific action to be taken on behalf of consumers. Ref: FSA-PRIN-27-2018 

To See Link on FSA website, please click HERE

Obligation to our Customers

We have been in close contact with the FSA and Fabricake regarding this matter and have been advised to take the following action:

  • Remove the effected products from sale. As outlined above, only 2 products from the Rolkem range have been recalled.
  • Offer any of our customers that have bought one of these 2 products, a return option for which we will offer a full refund for the product cost at the time of purchase. We would need to be able to find proof of purchase on our system, so will require certain personal details in order to find this
  • Advise that for further information on this issue, customers should visit the FSA Rolkem Product Recall Information Page or contact Fabricake directly

We have been assured that there is nothing further that we can do to resolve this issue or are in any way responsible for the outcomes. We will of course be more than happy to assist our customers directly and advise accordingly. We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

If you wish to return one of the Rolkem products listed above, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.


Update 10.07.2018

Following a visit to our premises from the FSA around midday today the full Rolkem range has been removed from sale, in line with a UK wide withdrawal. Please note that this is a withdrawal of sale and not a recall.

Further information regarding this Food Alert notice can be found on the FSA website HERE.

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