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Round Cupcake Stands

Round cupcake stands have always proved to be the most popular type of stand shape. They are incredibly versatile and will work in a variety of settings from weddings to corporate events. Within the round cupcake stand category below, we offer a a wide selection of options that suit different situations and budgets. When choosing the stand, it is important to know how many cakes you wish to hold. This will determine the number of tiers that your stand will need. After this, it comes down to style and budget. The "Stencil" stand provides an affordable option and is perfect for a one-off use. If you are looking for a little more elegance, then the "Wedding Acrylics" range might be the better option. This comes in in a variety of tier sizes and colours and is an extremely popular stand. If you're requirements are for bigger events or you need a stand that is more robust and reusable, then the "Monochrome" stands would be the way to go. This stand has thicker material and a solid stainless steel pole that runs through the middle of it. Browse through the options below to find the round cupcake stand best suited to your needs.

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Stencil Range - Round
£15.99   £14.99
Wedding Acrylics Range
£21.95   £16.95

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