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To make your bakes shimmer and shine look no further than Roxy & Rich. The Fondust range from Roxy & Rich are the only water-soluble food powders that can be used directly in food. This makes these food colouring powders ideal for colouring foodstuffs with low water content. You can use Fondust food colours in sugar paste/fondant, marzipan, buttercream, cake and macaron mixes, royal icing and more! The range offers fantastic deep and dark and well as very bright colours.

The Highlighter range are insoluble, edible food pigments for making edible paints or dry brushing onto edible mediums. The insoluble nature of the dusts means that they give a strong, opaque finish which is ideal for the metallic colours offered in the range. These can be used on sugarpaste/fondant, modelling and flower pastes and marzipan.

The Hybrid Lustre range are edible lustre dusts which are soluble in water. Make edible paints by mixing with water, alcohol or lemon juice or simply dry brush over your decorations. This range is ideal for high-shine finish.

Achieve the perfect drip with Roxy & Rich’s Chocolate cake drip, available in 6 pastel and 6 rainbow colours. Ready in 30 seconds and easy to use, they can be used on cakes, cookies, ice cream, and much more. Let your imagination run wild!

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Roxy & Rich Classic Wedding Set
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Roxy & Rich Fondust 12g - Super Black
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Roxy & Rich Fondust 12g - Super Red
£15.95   £15.50
Roxy & Rich Pastel Chocolate Cake Drip - Set of 6
£53.94   £51.99

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