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Smartflex Sugarpaste contains Xanthan gum which makes it firm yet flexible with a silky-smooth finish. Smartflex Sugarpaste works well on deeper cakes, difficult or complex shapes due to its extreme elastic properties.  Elephant skin or cracking will not be a concern, you can roll this thin making this Sugarpaste very cost effective for your cakes. Its finest ingredients make working with Smartflex Sugarpaste easier as it is firmer you have a longer working time, wonderful also if you have warm hands. Smartflex Sugarpaste is available in a range of readymade colours for your convenience, white is also available in larger 1kg and even 7kg bucket for those bigger projects or more regular cake makers.   

Smartflex Flowerpaste is a non-sticky, firm and flexible flower paste with a smooth texture ensuring no cracking or tearing. The flowerpaste maintains its shape whilst drying quickly.  This flower paste is easy to roll and shape for sugar flower work as well as working well in moulds, and for models and figures.

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SmartFlex Velvet Sugarpaste Baby Blue - 250g
£2.99   £2.49
SmartFlex Velvet Sugarpaste Black - 250g
£2.99   £2.49
SmartFlex Velvet Sugarpaste Blue - 250g
£2.99   £2.49
SmartFlex Velvet Sugarpaste Cerise - 250g
£2.99   £2.49
SmartFlex Velvet Sugarpaste White - 250g
£2.50   £1.99
SmartFlex Velvet Sugarpaste Yellow - 250g
£2.99   £2.49
SmartFlex Flower Paste 1kg
£9.99   £9.50
SmartFlex Flower Paste 250g
£2.50   £1.99
SmartFlex Velvet Sugarpaste White - 1kg
£9.99   £8.99
SmartFlex Velvet Sugarpaste White - 7kg
£39.99   £38.99
SmartFlex White Vanilla MODELLING PASTE 250g
£2.99   £2.75

Page 1 of 1:    17 Items
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