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The Sugar Paste

THE SUGAR PASTE™ is excellent for allowing you longer working time to smooth your cakes and avoid the elephant skin appearance.  The Sugar Paste doesn't tear or crack as it's super stretchy and easy to work with.  Unsurprisingly THE SUGAR PASTE™ was winner of the Product Excellence Award at Cake Masters 2019.    THE FLOWER PASTE™ is wonderful if you have warm hands or work in a warm environment as it has a perfect balance of stretchy and yet firm. 

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The Flower Paste - 1Kg - BRIGHT WHITE
£9.99   £6.75
The Flower Paste - 250g - BRIGHT WHITE
£2.75   £1.99
The Sugar Paste - White 1kg
£5.99   £4.99
The Sugar Paste - White 3kg
£14.99   £12.99
The Sugar Paste - White 6kg
£24.99   £21.99

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