Tinkertech Two

Tinkertech Two metal cutters for sugarcrafting and cake decorating are all made by hand in Poole by specialist cutter makers to the highest standard.  They are the longest established sugarcraft cutter maker.  The flower and leaf cutters come in a huge array of styles which offer a fabulous wide range in different sizes for your sugarcraft creation needs.  Metal cutters offer a clean cut which is really key for realistic flower and leaf sugarcrafting.  Use your Tinkertech Two cutters with your flowerpaste of choice which can be cut, then veined, petals thinned using modelling tools, coloured and then dusted in various shades to achieve your realistic looking leaves and petals. All your Tinkertech cutters should be handwashed, and dried thoroughly before storing in a dry place.  Investing in metal cutters is recommended if you want to get the best finish on your sugarcraft flowers as the cut is unrivalled when compared with plastic versions.  Some of the most popular sellers in the Tinkertech Two range include blossoms, arum lily, rose petal, calyx, freesia, daffodil and frangipani. 

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